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Family, couple or individual counselling can assist you through difficult times, or help you manage life's changes. You can talk to us.


Our mission is to use our skills and experience to help you restore and maintain good health and vitality so you can live a positive and productive life.

What does a Counselling Psychologist do?

  • It isn't what you think.
  • It isn't a healing of an illness.
  • It isn't guidance from a wise adviser.
  • It isn't the mutual sharing of good friends.
  • It isn't learning esoteric knowledge.
  • It isn't being shown the error of one's ways.
  • It isn't finding a new religion or belief system.

Counselling is not what you think. It is about how you think. It promotes awareness of unrecognized assumptions and influences in how you think. It makes a distinction between what you think about and how you do that thinking. It is less concerned with looking for causes to explain what you do and more concerned with discovering themes and patterns in the meanings you make of what you're doing.

It is about how you live with your emotions. It is about the perspectives you bring to relating with the people who matter to you. It is about how you may unwittingly make it harder for yourself to reach your goals. It is about becoming aware of yourself and the various factors in your life.

It is about enabling you to make choices because choices lead to change and change is usually what people seek in counselling. It is about being helped to see that the change you seek is already latent within you.

It is not what you think; it is about how you live with yourself right now.

Our Counselling Psychologists

Tony Collins
BA, BEd(Couns), GradDipGstltThpy
Tony is available for consultations every Thursday and Friday at Sunshine Health. He also does Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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