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Sick of feeling sick? A fresh holistic approach could be the answer. Mylinda or Cameron will do a thorough assessment to find the causes of your problems. They will then design an individual program to get you back to good health.Our mission is to use our skills and experience to help you restore and maintain good health and vitality so you can live a positive and productive life.

Herbalist - Mylinda Johnson


AdvDipWHM, DipSM, CertSpHlg, Member ANTA

You'd be surprised at how many conditions respond well to herbal treatment. From mild indigestion to a chronically inflamed bowel, from a head cold to glandular fever, from a bit of stress to anxiety attacks, herbs can help to restore normal health.

At your consultation Mylinda will do a holistic assessment of your state of health. Did you know that the efficiency of your digestion has a huge impact on your health? This is an important area to assess and support if neccessary. Likewise the state of your nervous system and adrenal glands have a major influence on hormonal health and immune function. These areas will be assessed and aided if necessary.

She may do a pH test or an Indican test to gain further information. Taking all these factors into account she will formulate a herbal prescription to help your body return to normal functioning.

Mylinda Johnson is a Medical Herbalist who can assist you overcome a wide range of complaints including: digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, recurring infections, fatigue, viral illnesses, stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Mylinda also has a masters of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is qualified in Hypnotherapy. For more information on how you can benefit Click Here

Mylinda is available on Wednesday at Sunshine Health.

Naturopath – Cameron Stirling

BNat DipTM Member ANPA

We are designed to win!

In good health all our cells and organs are working properly to carry out their allotted tasks. We have inherent regulating and healing mechanisms that are always striving to keep us in good health. Our bodies are ‘designed to win’.

If the organs are forced to struggle because of stress, nutritional imbalances, toxins, infections, etc your body compensates and does the best it can in the circumstances. This may produce some symptoms or some abnormal readings on your blood test.

Rather than just suppress symptoms, Cameron investigates to find out what is throwing your body out of balance and what it is attempting to do. He then gives a treatment regime that will support your body in its efforts to restore good health.

Health Assessment
Cameron has several tools available to assess your health:

    • Whole Blood Microscopy


    • Iridology


    • Urine & saliva pH testing


    • Bioimpedance Analysis


    • Hair Mineral Analysis


    • Applied Kinesiology


    • Standard blood tests

Blood test results are analysed using reference ranges for optimal health rather than ranges based solely on risk factors or what’s statistically ‘normal’.

Diet and lifestyle are fundamental for good health, but we’re all a little bit different so Cameron makes a point of assessing your type of metabolism and unique nutritional needs. He uses nutritional supplements, medicinal herbs and homeopathic remedies to give relief of symptoms and correct underlying problems. The treatment is reviewed and adjusted at follow-up consultations as you progress through the stages of healing.

Optimise Your Health
You don’t need to have a health problem to benefit from Naturopathy. A Naturopathic check-up is a good way to optimise your health and help prevent any unwanted problems.

Children's Health
Children respond very well to Naturopathic treatment as their innate vitality is high. Often only simple remedies like minerals or homeopathics, combined with dietary modification, is needed.

Treatable conditions include; fevers, frequent infections, tonsillitis, allergies, glue ear, rashes, fussy eating, growing pains and behavioural problems.

What Can Be Treated?
Naturopathy can successfully treat many conditions. You can expect a rapid response with acute infections. It is ideal for long-term disorders, where the underlying causes can be addressed and real changes can be achieved.
Conditions that can be helped include:

    • fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress


    • headaches, migraines


    • indigestion, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation


    • eczema, dermatitis, sunspots, warts, acne


    • recurring infections, allergies, sinusitis


    • glandular fever, Ross River virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    • overweight, hormonal problems, infertility


    • high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes


    • arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, circulation problems


    • loss of memory, aging too fast


The results speak for themselves. Some typical quotes from clients:
“This is the best I’ve felt in a long time.”

      - Ron

“Sarah started improving from the first dose.”

      - Wendy, Sarah’s mum

“I didn’t realise what a difference a better diet could make.”

      - Beth

“I’m sleeping so much better and I just feel lighter and happier”

    - Fiona

Cameron is available fortnightly on Monday at Sunshine Health.


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